Monday, February 8, 2010

Madelyn's First Dance Performance

Last Tuesday night, Madelyn had her first performance.  She danced at half time at the girls basketball game.  She was so excited and could not wait to start dancing. 
She did so well she had her eyes constantly on her teacher and she was perfect.  My mom has the video of her dancing so I will post that whenever I can remember to get the DVD.
She was so exited when she got done that she jumped up and down. Now she wants to practice her dance every day and she keeps asking me if it is Monday yet. (she has dance on mondays)  She loves to dance and I guess big crowds don't bother her so I guess she will keep on dancing.


  1. How fun for Madelyn! She looks like she had a LOT of fun!

  2. Those girls were so adorable. I can not wait to have Maddie in it!!

  3. Super cute! I still can't beleive she is old enough to be in dance classes.