Friday, May 29, 2009

Hiett's Broken Leg

It has been a very busy last 2 months. It all started March 30th. Madelyn and Hiett were back in Hiett's bed room playing. Then Hiett lets out this terrible scream. "No big deal"I tell myself "it is close to bed time and Hiett usually over reacts when he is tired". I casually tell him to come here and tell me what happened. He comes crawling out of his room still screaming. Madelyn tells me she jumped off the dresser and he didn't get out of the way and she landed on him. I gather him up and calm him down. Then I call my mom. "What does a broken bone look like?" I ask. "I don't know" she says "feel his leg to see if anything feel out of place" Nothing does so I put him to bed. No big deal.
The next morning Hiett will not put any weight on his leg. JD gets home from work and we start the debate of should we take him in to the doctor. Caleb has a doctor's appointment that morning so we decide I will just ask Dr. Jackson what he wants me to do. Of course he says to bring him in later that afternoon. So I bring him in and Dr. Jackson looks at him and the whole time Hiett has decided to be brave and say nothing hurts. Luckily Dr. Jackson orders some X-rays and sure enough his tibula is broken. That means a cast clear up to his thigh for 6 weeks! Hiett is so excited he picks camoflauge which is no surprise for anyone who knows Hiett.

Hiett was a really good sport. I only heard him complain once about his cast. It didn't slow him down at all.

Now the cast is off and the real work begins. It now hurts a lot and we are trying to get him to walk properly again. Luckily JD's mom gave us some tricks to strengthen his muscles. He is making great strides and hopefully some day soon he will be back to normal.