Thursday, April 8, 2010

We have TROUBLE!!

It has been too long since I updated but really our life has been pretty boring.

Anyways, this morning has been one of those mornings and Caleb has been in a climbing mood.  He's been on the table too many times to count, on the back of the couch, up in the closet and then I walk into Hiett and Caleb room and this what I find.
Two seconds later he is up on top dancing and clapping!

He is only 16 months, so I am scared to death for what terrible twos bring with this kid.  Hopefully not too many trips to the ER. :)

The crazy thing about all of this climbing is he is still in his crib with the bumpers still on. He has no desire what so ever to climb out or even mess with the bumpers.  Go figure.


  1. Oh man, do you have your hands full with him. What a cute little monkey he is!

  2. OH MY... CJ is really giving you a run for your money!