Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Play house project

For two years Madelyn has been bugging us to buy her a playhouse. Every time we go to a store with play houses she has to go see them and try to convince us that she needs one. But they are so expensive and we couldn't possibly ever afford it
Well one night I was surfing the internet looking for things to do with pallets (since JD has a lot of them at work) and I came across this website
where the guy built a shed out of pallets and I thought that we could probably make a playhouse out of pallets too. So yesterday we started on the pallet playhouse.
It is not built completely out of pallets. JD wanted it to have a sturdy base so we used 2x4's and wafer for the floor and posts to support the roof when we get there.

We ended up taking apart all the pallets and using the wood off of them for the walls. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to remove all the nails and disassemble the pallet. It didn't take very long to screw the pallet boards up to form the walls and the kids were so excited and willing to help with this part of the project. Hiett handed me the boards and I put it in place and then Madelyn handed JD the screws and he screwed the boards to the 2x4's.

There will be more posts to come as we finish more on the playhouse.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

jump, jump, jump! Caleb likes to jump!

Today we went up to Oak City to Grammy and Poppy's and the whole time we were there Caleb climbed on every thing he could and then when he got to the top he would jump and do his celebration dance. After we ate dinner, Caleb crawled over to the lawn mower and proceeded to climb up on and jump. Here is the video Grammy did.

Look out world here comes CJ!

Yesterday, Caleb figured out how to make the little power wheels four-wheeler go. We knew that he would be doing it soon since he has been climbing on and off of it for a couple weeks. JD was watching the kids and he was in the kitchen and heard the four-wheeler start going. When he got in the living room CJ had rode it clear across the room. CJ was so proud of himself. It is a little scary to think of him being able to do that but it is so cute to see his face.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Madelyn's First Trip to the Dentist

Today, Madelyn had her very first dentist appointment. She was very nervous and unsure about what was going to happen. Last night, I got out my dental assisting textbook and showed her the instruments and told her everything that they were going to do. I guess that is one of the perks of being a dental assistant for a couple years. The only problem is that I stayed home while JD took Madelyn because he had an appointment at the same time. So now you get to listen to him.
Madelyn was pretty excited to go to the dentist especially when we got there she just kept talking about the whole thing. I went first so that she could see how it was going to be and once the Dental Hygienist had her hands in my mouth she proceeded to give the history of our family to the best of her 4 year old memory needless to say she had everyone at the Dentist office just about rolling on the ground laughing and there I am helpless to even try to defend myself because the Hygienist was laughing so much that she did not even give me a chance to get a word in.

After I was done it was Madelyn's turn and for the first time since we got there she had to be quiet although she was sure trying to keep talking but she found out it is hard with hands in your mouth. She did really well and had a good check up, no cavities yeah!(which means no more money to give away).