Monday, June 22, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday!

Today for lunch we tried a new thing that Bobbie told me about. It is called muffin tin monday and what you do is put different food items into each space on a muffin tin.My kids loved it. They loved it so much that I think we will do it every monday. We had Ham, cheese, crackers, pickles, grapes and juice.

Here the website for ideas. The possiblities are endless.

Thanks Bobbie for all your great kids ideas.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Madelyn!

Madelyn turned 4 today! She has been so excited for her birthday to come and it finally came. I can't believe I have a child that is 4.

Madelyn has been bugging us to go camping or sleep outside, so last night Madelyn and I slept out on the trampoline. (I forgot how terribly uncomfortable it was.) It was pretty chilly outside and I didn't sleep very well at all.

When morning comes the first thing Madelyn does is rolls over and says to me "I can't wait to get my bike, can I have it now, please?" I tell her we have to wait for Dad and Hiett to wake up. She didn't have to wait too long about 10 minutes and then she got her bike. We made her get dressed and eat breakfast before she could ride it. (What mean parents she has) She is getting pretty fast on it already. Before long we won't be able to catch her.

Later that evening we had cupcakes and ice cream at our house with our families. It's nice to get together and visit. Thanks to all who came and we missed all who couldn't make it. Madelyn got quite a lot of stuff which she loves all of it. Thank you everyone!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hilary Weeks Video

I was having a really bad day today. I was tired and alittle sad and needed a pick me up. I love Hilary Weeks. Her music inspires me. So I went to youtube and happened to find this video. It is just how I feel about being a mom. I hope it makes you smile and laugh like it did for me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House

Today we went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple open house. It was so much fun to take the kids and spend the day with them. Mom and Emily came with me because JD had to work. I could not have done it with out them. (Thank you guys) I love going to the temple. I love the spirit I feel when I am there. I love how it makes me want to become a better wife and mother. I am grateful for the opportunity to go and to enjoy the beauty of the House of the Lord. I marvel at how much time and care goes into the temple. I am grateful that I live in a time and place that the temple is so accessible. I am grateful for my testimony of the temple that I know that my family is sealed to me forever.

Madelyn was so excited to go. She asked me if she got to go in as far as mom and dad do. (She has only been in the lobby of the Manti temple when we go). She loved the mirrors in the sealing room. The texture of the carpet in the celestial room she had to bend down and feel. She also loved the chandiliers or "sparkley lights". She would every so often break out in to singing "I love to see the Temple" it was so cute. It was great to take her there so she could see and feel it for herself and start a testimony of the temple.

Hiett was nervous excited. He wanted to go in as soon as we got there but as we got closer to the doors he got a little nervous. Thank goodness Mom was there to talk and comfort him. After the nervousness we went to the Baptistry and he liked to see the oxen and the water. He was probably one of the few who loved the stairs. He loved everytime that he had to go up or down. He liked the murals in one of the ordinance rooms. It had deer and a rabbit and a fox painted in it.

Caleb was such a good baby considering how tired he was. (No nap before the open house) He was so quiet and just looking around.

When we got outside and went to take pictures of us at the temple Madelyn and Hiett discovered the fountain and it was all over from there. They were in the fountain constantly. We had to keep getting them and dragging them over to where I wanted the picture. But oh well they had fun and I did get some pictures too.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mini Fishing Trip

Well today we decided to take the kids fishing since it is free fishing day. First we had to buy Hiett a pole. He was so excited to have his own. The kids really didn't care for catching fish.

Madelyn loved casting her "bubble" out and then reeling it back in. She actually got pretty good at it. She could cast out further than I could. (which is not saying much but hey).

Hiett liked to play in the water and watch dad cast it out and reel it in.

Thank goodness for good babies and strollers. Caleb was completely content to just sit and hang out.

The wind was blowing pretty hard and so we called it quits after about an hour including time to eat dinner. But we still had fun and it was good to be out of the house.